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Zorg ZF-22 - KCo2 Airsoft Chassis - Digital Files

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Create a functional Zorg ZF-22 with this simple modification for a KCo2 build.

This design is capable of being used for a creating a lethal firearm and this design does not match any current designs from gun manufacturers. Due to this we must STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that you disassemble this weapon after use to remove any increased interest in children and that you DO NOT exercise any rights you may have to bare weapons in public, with this model. We do not encourage the use of this anywhere other than a private facility dedicated to use of firearms, where it cannot be mistaken as anything other than a lethal firearm. 

Use code FILEBUNDLE at checkout for a BUY 3, GET 2 FREE deal on all digital files.

This is the most anticipated design I have every made. 

Parts are split to be able to print on an Ender 3 build volume. Multiple variations provided for splitting up for colors as well as combined sections for larger print volumes.

This purchase includes models for the crystal needles to be printed in resin, but I have also included files for printing a TPU mold and using it to cast them out of a curable resin of your choosing.

These files are to create a chassis for a KCo2 build that should be procured through all proper legal channels. None of the parts designed here can be altered to be designated as a firearm under the NFA.

The purchase is for the electronic files only.
All individual parts are provided on checkout. Assembly is simple and you can contact with any questions..

Parts are designed to print on an Ender 3 or larger build space.

Scale is in mm. Scale up / down uniformly by 2540% in slicing software as needed.

(2) M3X30
(2) M5X20
(1) M5X40
Epoxy for Large Sections

Files will be released immediately after payment finishes processing and are non-refundable.

Do not sell, post, or share the file or any of the individual parts or any derivatives of this product. All rights to do so are being retained by me, the creator of this model.