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PCC90 - Ruger PC Carbine Chassis - Digital Files

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Add Flash Drive (Require at least one in order for this design)

Create this PCC90 with this simple modification for a Ruger PC Carbine.

Make sure to include a flash drive in your cart for any design that has a modified trigger connection to help make sure all sales are contained to the United States per ITAR requirements specified on the USML. This will be automatically provided for free on all orders over $60.

Use code FILEBUNDLE at checkout for a BUY 3, GET 2 FREE deal on all digital files.


Use code FREESHIP45 at checkout for free shipping on all orders over $45.

This is unique yet familiar design will bring hours of fun to your range time.

This can be used as a carbine variant. The images shown are mocked up with the stock 16" carbine barrel. 

The overall length is only 23.7" and will require a longer barrel or a pinned 3" muzzle break in order to avoid needing permits in the US.

Two trigger linkages provided. One comes with a jig to form a 15 guage wire (metal coat-hanger) for reinforcement.

*Added Chassis with access to the safety / bolt lock as of 9/29/22

*Wire bending tool added 10/11/22. Use a piece of wire with bent ends to hold the two together.*

These files are to create a chassis for a Ruger PC Carbine that should be procured through all proper legal channels. None of the parts designed here can be altered to be designated as a firearm under the NFA.

The purchase is for the electronic files only.

Parts are designed to print on an Ender 3 or larger build space.

Scale is in mm. Scale up / down uniformly by 2540% in slicing software as needed.

(8) M3X16
(3) M3X30
(1) 30" of 15 GUAGE WIRE (COAT HANGER)

Do not sell, post, or share the file or any of the individual parts or any derivatives of this product. All rights to do so are being retained by me, the creator of this model.

Consumer use tax must be reported and remitted to your local government as needed. Any purchasers that are from Washington state are exempt from this as it will be remitted and reported by the owner of this website as sales tax.