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KamWorks 3D

Glock Smoked Fiber Optic Sights - Multiple Color Options

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Front Sight
Rear Sight

These Polymer Glock sights are a clean addition to any build. The unique smoky color pops on any slide.
Fits ALL Glock Models listed in the provided image at the common 6.5mm height on the rear indicators.
These are skinny enough to fit on a 42/43 as well.
Suppressor height are at 0.418" front and 0.451" rear.

Lifetime warranty and priced better than other Truglos you can find. These are perfect for all Glock models.
Smoke Black housings will not be found from other manufacturers.
Extremely bright Truglo brand fiber optics installed in our high quality polymer sights make a perfect pairing.

Offered in a wide variety of color combinations for your preference.
We suggest a Red or Green front sight with yellow in the back, allowing rapid target acquisition.
There are also solid colors available.

The aftermarket bolt is provided.

Designs are accurate down to .05mm.

Taking request on other pistol makes.