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Crystal Needles for TYPE-22 NEEDLER Chassis - 10/22 & KCo2

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Sorry no exploding alien tech here.

These are just resin printed clear/purple crystals for use in the Ruger 10/22  and KCo2 conversion chassis.

Resin printing is a bit volatile to the production process, but when the products turn out they are amazing. Pic of product detail attached.

Check out my Glock Fiber sights to see the quality of my current resin printing projects.

SLA resin printing is very cool with detail down to 0.005 mm using the definition in the 4K LCD screen below the VAT. These are hollowed out to allow the more creative among you to install lighting.

Resin printing does print a high failure rate and we aim to produce the highest quality product at all times. When they turn out they look like injection molded products. There is a small margin for error on the bottom (hidden round portion)  that we deem acceptable as it will not affect the form or function of the product when installed.

This product is for the crystal needles only and nothing more.