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KamWorks 3D

FX3D BULLPUP - Ruger 10/22 Chassis - Digital Files

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Add Flash Drive (Require at least one in order for this design)

This is not to produce a working firearm. This is a file to create a chassis for a Ruger 10/22 that should be procured through all proper legal channels. None of the parts designed here can be altered to be designated as a firearm under the NFA.

Make sure to include a flash drive in your cart for any design that has a modified trigger connection to help make sure all sales are contained to the United States per ITAR requirements specified on the USML. This will be automatically provided for free on all orders over $60.

Use code FILEBUNDLE at checkout for a BUY 3, GET 2 FREE deal on all digital files.


Use code FREESHIP45 at checkout for free shipping on all orders over $45.

This is a super clean 10/22 stock that just requires a couple nuts and bolts and just one spring to assemble.
Overall length with any 10/22 variant will meet the NFA required 26" OAL minimum to avoid needing SBR registration.
Broken out into pieces to print on a 220x220x180 build space

The purchase is for the electronic files only.
All individual parts are provided on checkout.

Receiver 2.0 will serve much better than the receiver in the full set.
Trigger 2.0 NEEDS to be used in place of the first trigger for it to fit into the slot space for the trigger housing.
Trigger Housing 1.1 is required if you wish to use the larger trigger supplied in the first release.

All parts that have a flat edge (along the top of the stock) should be oriented upside down and printed flat on the surface, using tree supports
The receiver should be printed at a 30 degree angle with the bottom facing the build plate, also using tree supports
The other parts all have flat edges and can be printed without supports if your machine is well tuned, but i still run tree supports.

(5) M3X16 bolts
(2) M3X20 bolts
(7) M3 hex-nuts
(4) M5X30 bolts
(2) M5X40 bolts
(6) M5 hex-nuts
(1) spring with 5mm-7mm diameter between 15mm and 25mm long (depends on your preference)
Epoxy for permanent connections

Files will be released after payment finishes processing (up to 48hrs depending on payment method) and are non-refundable.
Do not sell, post, or share the file or any of the individual parts or any derivatives of this product. All rights to do so are being retained by me, the creator of this model.